Flo Zurkinden

Certified Fitness Trainer & Nutritionist


''My goal is to help you create an abundant life & healthy habits that nourish, not restrictions that punish'

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Are you feeling out of shape, tired, blah or demotivated? Do you need to revamp your training? Click here and let's get started!
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Do you feel like your physical, emotional and financial health influence one another? Do you often feel defeated, tired and demotivated? Do you feel you are struggling with stress and time management?
Are you feeling overweigh, overwhelmed and overloaded? Do you struggle with knowing what and what to eat, and how to prepare your food? Click here to find out easy solutions to help you get back on track!
Do you need easy, on-the-go, non processed, delicious & fast nutrition? Not all packaged foods are created equally. Find out more about science and research-backed top of the line nutrition to power your workouts and fuel you to your goals!
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Customers Say...

Flo is an amazingly strong dedicated woman. She will push you with her workouts but she will be right next to you the entire time. I do the online training, for a few months now, and she helped me rebuild y lower back strength after my injury. I have been getting back into my workout routine and getting even stronger than before! I highly recommend Flo as a coach especially for endurnce training...she loves to run and is getting me into it! - Richard Cruz-Novoa
Flo has been training me 5x a week since January. During the past 3 months I have noticed an incredible difference in my body and mind. I am so much more confident in myself and am no longer afraid to push myself past my limits. I have her to thank for that! 
Flo creates each workout customized to her clients' needs and goals based on their daily progress, which is something that really shows her focus and dedication to her clients. She answers any questions, ensures proper form and makes sure to push you harder than you'd think you can go. She is always coaching you on building a strong and positive mindset, as well as giving nutritional advice. This is the first time that I have been able to successfully commit to working out consistently. The progress I have seen is amazing!
One of the biggest struggles for me is that I have a shoulder joint tear that has made it very difficult to progress in workouts the past couple years even going to physical therapy. Throughout this training with Flo, my shoulder has gotten stronger and I have slowly been able to lift more with NO pain. She really listens and focuses on what you need and her plan to start strengthening these muscles has worked perfectly.
The only reason I would give this a 4-star review is because I am training virtually. I wish that I didn't live out of state so that I can train with her in person! 
The thing that motivates me the most is that she lives and breathes what she speaks. She trains herself harder than anyone I know without fail, which makes it really difficult to give her any type of excuse! I would definitely recommend Rising Phoenix Fitness to anyone searching to make a lasting change in themselves and reach their fitness goals. Flo is really dedicated to her clients and is truly passionate about helping people better themselves. - Vanessa Cruz - 

I have been working out with Flo for about two months now. She is an incredibly inspiring trainer whose love for what she does comes through in her work. 
Flo is really flexible with workout times. She was great with working with me to find a time that worked with my busy schedule. She keeps the workouts varied and tracks progress with every session. She pushes you hard but you see the results. I've always struggled with knowing when to increase weight and reps and she has been a great help with that. She works with clients of all abilities and shows you how to do each move with proper form. In addition, she also offers great nutritional help and guidance. 
Flo is a wonderful trainer who believes in what she does, but more importantly, she believes in the ability of all her clients. She's very encouraging and she's all about empowerment. I highly recommend her as a trainer! - Stephanie Gawlas Wash -

I have trained with Flo for a long time. She is the perfect mix of encouragmeent and guidance that I need to keep going. She personalized my training and kept it fun, new and exciting. She got me hooked on Piyo, and for the first time in my life, I looked forward to working out. Through her positive encouragment, I also got back into running. She believed in me and gave me the inspiration to meet my goals. I cant say enough good things about Flo, her program and her enthusiasm. The mix of nutiriton guidance and physical traiing made it easy to change my lifestyle and become healthy and happy. - Maria Vastola -
I started my fitness journey with Flo one year and five months ago. She has been with me every step of the way. Her encouraging words and feedback when I have questions has made it possible to make a huge lifestyle change. It does not matter what level of fitness you have, she will help you and you will succeed! - Jenniffer Hosier -
Flo got me started on my healthy lifestyle and is the best! She will turn your life around! - Salina Kocher -